Anupama Ajitsaria


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Celebrating the fact that each student is different as a person and a learner National High School is an amazing play ground where each child unleashes his hopes and dreams to soar high. Guarding their opening minds from folly’s snare and planting heavenly virtues in their tender hearts, it gives me immense pleasure while walking down the corridors to see students at ease, feeling happy, safe and secure embracing each new day, getting involved and smilingly taking confident strides in their learning process. . For the full flowering of the child our school provides ample opportunities for Sports and Physical training and better understanding of knowledge and innovation with the help of modern technology. The child centric curriculum upholds the dignity of the child in the academic and social fabric.

I thank the endeavour of the teachers to adapt new strategies and teaching – learning techniques to instil in the children a sense of love and reverence for learning which makes them ready to face challenges even when in lost paradise.

To quote Elizabeth Bentley —

 Let their virtue ripen and their follies cease

Like corn sown early in the fertile soil

The richest harvest shall repay your toil. 

Best wishes to all parents, teachers and students in this journey towards excellence.

Welcoming you all to a brighter future.